Raised Dog Feeder | Size Guide

Posted by Paige Ayoade on 8th Jan 2019

This is a guide on how to buy the perfect sized raised feeder for your dog based on their size/breed.To work out what size your dog will require, you will need to measure your dog from the floor … read more

Benefits of using a Raised Dog Feeder

Posted by Paige Ayoade on 8th Jan 2019

The benefits of using a raised dog feeder are often thought to be limited to larger breeds such as great danes and german shepherds when actually they are essential for all. Raised dog bo … read more

Raised Feeders for dogs with Arthritis

Posted by Sarah Jackson on 8th Jan 2019

A raised pet feeder can give your dog relief from Arthritis symptoms such as stiff muscles or sore joints which is why it comes highly recommended by veterinarians. Reducing stress on their ne … read more

Raised bowls for great danes

1st Jan 2019

It is not only recommended that as an owner of a Great Dane that you must have a big house so they can live comfortably and a big garden so they can get regular exercise, it is also recommended that y … read more