Getting your dog microchipped

6th Feb 2019

A micro chip allows the owner of a lost dog to be identified. Each micro chip has a unique number which is saved on a database along with the owners details, such details include name, address and pho … read more

Things to consider when getting a dog

6th Feb 2019

So you’ve decided that you want a furry friend in your life, you want to enter the world of dog owners but you want to make sure you are making the right decision.The fact that you are doing your rese … read more

Dog Food: Wet vs Dry

6th Feb 2019

In order to tackle this commonly asked question I think we should start by talking about what makes a good dog food regardless of whether its wet or dry. A good dog food should be natural, by this I m … read more

What to do if your dog goes missing

6th Feb 2019

So your four legged friend is missing…Come quick, Peppa has run out the park and I can’t find her…If to you, like me that statement is the beginning of a nightmare, read on!Peppa the Shiba Inu had onl … read more