Benefits of using a Raised Dog Feeder

Posted by Paige Ayoade on 8th Jan 2019

The benefits of using a raised dog feeder are often thought to be limited to larger breeds such as great danes and german shepherds when actually they are essential for all. Raised dog bowls, also known as elevated pet feeders improve your dogs posture, reducing stain on their neck, hips, shoulders and joints when eating. This is especially important for older dogs and those with arthritis.*

Digestion is also improved by using a raised pet feeder, dogs tend to regularly lift their heads when eating or drinking from a normal bowl, this is because its very hard to swallow with your head tilted downwards!

Raised dog feeders not only benefit dogs but also their owners, having a raised feeder makes feeding time easier as they no longer have to bend over as far to pick up or fill up water and food dishes. For the frail, physically handicapped, or persons with arthritis or back problems, elevated feeders can make a big difference.**

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