Raised Feeders for dogs with Arthritis

Posted by Sarah Jackson on 8th Jan 2019

A raised pet feeder can give your dog relief from Arthritis symptoms such as stiff muscles or sore joints which is why it comes highly recommended by veterinarians. Reducing stress on their neck, hips and shoulders, these feeders promote better posture allowing your dog to drink and eat more easily. Digestion is also improved as dogs tend to regularly lift their heads when eating or drinking from a normal bowl, this is because its very hard to swallow with your head tilted downwards.

Further benefits which come from using an elevated feeder include a cleaner eating station, non slip and easier feeding for owners as they no longer have to bend over as far to pick up or fill up water and food dishes.

The Lola and Daisy raised feeders come complete with stainless steel bowls which are dish washer safe. They also have non slip feet so you don't have to worry about it moving when your dog is eating or drinking. The range come in a range of colours and sizes and in sets of double, single and triple feeders.