Raised bowls for great danes

1st Jan 2019

It is not only recommended that as an owner of a Great Dane that you must have a big house so they can live comfortably and a big garden so they can get regular exercise, it is also recommended that you provide them with a suitable feeding station. A Great Dane eating from a regular bowl placed on the floor can cause them a lot of discomfort whilst eating. A raised dog bowl will encourage your Great Dane to adopt a healthier posture when eating as the elevated feeder means they do not have to reach down as far and therefore excess strain is reduced on their necks. Eating from a raised dog bowl is also believed to encourage better digestion.

Great Danes are also known for being highly energetic dogs, and sometimes like to move their bowls around whilst eating their food. Using a raised feeder solves this issue as they contain non slip feet.

At Houndsome and Bree, we offer a range of raised dog bowls suitable for Great Danes. You can choose from a double raised feeder, which is perfect for providing your dog with both a drinking and feeding station, a single raised feeder or a triple raised feeders which is perfect for feeding more than one dog. They are all available in a range of colours and sizes.