Why you'll love the Lola and Daisy raised dog bowl collection

Posted by Sarah Jackson on 8th Jan 2019

Lola and Daisy's raised dog bowls stand out amongst other raised dog bowls on the market as they unite both design and practicality! They pride themselves in creating stylish, modern dog bowls which can compliment any home's interior. Single, double and triple raised dog bowls are available in the collection these of which are available in a range of sizes, this means no matter how big or small your dog is, they can still enjoy a fine dining experience! Lola and Daisy not only offer flexibility on size but also colour too! theres a colour to match every dog's personality! Some of the popular colours include denim blue, red and lime green. The collection featured in the The Independent's '12 best dog bowls' in 2015.

But look's are not everything!

Whilst the dog bowls look great, another reason behind the popularity of Lola and Daisy's dog bowls is also down to the benefits of using a raised dog bowl over a standard bowl. Using an elevated dog bowl is great for elderly dogs with arthritis as it reduces the pressure they would normally get on their joints from bending down. The added height on these bowls promote a better posture for your dog when eating and drinking.