UK Dog fouling rules

6th Feb 2019

Don’t just walk away...

As a dog owner in the UK you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. If your dog poo’s in a public place you must pick this up and dispose of it. The method of disposal depends on the rules of the park/area you’re in; some parks for example have designated bins or areas for this.

If you’re seen not cleaning up after your dog in public you can receive an on the spot fine in the range of £50 - £80. Refusing to pay this fine can result in you being taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

How best to avoid this

Whenever you go for a walk with your dog always carry bags and/or a poop scoop. For ease of carrying dog poop bags with you when walking your dog, we recommend using a dog poop bag holder. Dog poop bag holders are excellent for carrying large amounts of bags. A bag can easily be dispensed whenever required and they are easy to refill once your roll has finished. Dog poop bag holders conveniently clip onto most dog leads which means you will always have it with you.