Why do dogs eat grass?

6th Feb 2019

Dogs can eat grass for a number of reasons but you'd be glad to know that it does not put them in any type of danger.

Here are 4 reasons why dogs are believed to eat grass:

  1. Ancestors
  2. Dogs' ancestors (wolves) used to occasionally eat grass, for this reason it is believed that the behaviour has been inherited.
  3. Pica
  4. 'Pica' is used to describe dogs who like to consume items which are not food or edible. It is commonly associated with the reason why dogs eat grass.
  5. Nutritious and natural remedy
  6. Eating grass has it's benefits for dogs as it is nutritious and can settle the stomach. This means if your dog is eating grass it could be a sign of them having a nutritional deficiency or seeking a natural remedy for nausea, gas or bloating.

  7. Boredom
  8. Your dog could simply be bored especially if they are a young dog or puppy with a lot of energy.
  9. Ways to prevent your dog from eating grass
  10. In order to stop your dog from eating grass you must keep them busy both mentally and physically. When you take your dog to the park, encourage your dog to walk around and play fetch, the trick is to stop your dog from getting bored. Another thing to consider is how much nutrients your dog is getting from their current diet, increase this if you can by adding more vegetables.