What makes the perfect dog toy?

6th Feb 2019

Have you ever wondered what it is about that one toy they always end up going back to? For some dogs it's a squeaky dog toy, for others it may be a soft dog toy or for some it may be an object such as a blanket. Whatever the toy or object, there's a reason why your dog likes it so much.

Indestructible dog toys

Owners often want to purchase dog toys which are indestructible so that they last long, especially when in the mouths of aggressive chewers. Whilst it may sound like a good idea, doing this may reduce the amount of fun your dog can have with that toy. It is believed that dogs do not like indestructible toys as they get the most fun out of destroying them. The reason for the desire to destroy a toy comes from their natural hunting instincts.

Squeaky dog toys

The love dogs have for squeaky dog toys is explained with the same reason as their love for toys they can destroy. It's because of their highly predatory drive. The sound these toys make when bitten resembles the sound that their prey would make when captured. They can be particularly satisfying for hungry dogs!

Soft dog toys

Female dogs are normally drawn to soft toys due to their nurturing and maternal instincts. It is common with female dogs who have lost their puppies at birth or who have had their puppies taken away from them too soon. The soft toy becomes very important to them as they bond with it and see it as a surrogate puppy. The type of behaviours you would expect to see in this situation is your dog licking the toy, carrying it around and guarding it as she would her puppy.


Certain dogs were bred to bring back the prey their hunters had shot, they were bred selectively for their sense of smell, hearing and sight. These types of breeds are likely to get attached to a ball as a game of fetch in the park or garden encourages them to use these senses.

Other objects around the house

Dogs sometimes get attached to items that belong to you, this can be anything from an old sock to a shoe. Your dog's attraction to these items is normally driven by their love for you. They want these items as they contain your scent and chewing on them makes them feel that bit closer to you. It can also bring them security when they are scared.