Best types of dog bowls and feeders

Posted by Sarah Jackson on 8th Jan 2019

Most people only think of a standard bowl when it comes to feeding their dogs but there are so many out there which all come with their own individual benefits. Choosing the right bowl for your dog can even promote better health.

In no particular order, here is s a list of some of our favourites: 

1. Collapsible bowl

This bowl has made our list because of the flexibility and convenience it brings. A bit like how we have our tupperware when we want to take food on the move, dogs have these foldable bowls. These bowls are perfect if you are on the move or staying away from home with your dog. They are great as they don't take up a lot of space (even when not folded) so you can just stick them in your bag or even attach it to your trousers if you buy the ones with clips. They are normally made out of silicone which also makes them very light to carry. When opened you can give your dog food or water in these bowls. After use, they are very quick and easy to clean.

2. Slow feeders

Slow down, it's not a race! these slow feeders are great for dogs who eat their food too quickly. They are made to create obstacles which effectively slow down your dog's eating. Using maze liked features they make the food harder for your dog to reach, this encourages them to use their paws and tongues to move the food around the bowl to make it more accessible. Households with more than one dog tend to experience fast eating with their dogs, this is because the dogs are being territorial over their food and therefore wanting to eat it before the other dog gets some. It is important that you address your dogs fast eating as it has been linked to things such as canine bloat. Using these bowls does not guarantee that your dog will not get bloat, however it's a step in the right direction.

3. Automatic feeders 

Automatic feeders are great for maintaining your dog's feeding schedule when you are not available to feed them yourself. Automatic dog bowls come with a timer which can range from from 24hours to up to 14days. Arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner in these bowls as they have enough capacity to hold a number of meals and can hold both wet and dry. Advanced versions of these can even allow you to record a message to play whenever its time for them to eat. 

4. Raised Dog Feeder

Raised dog feeders are excellent for adding comfort to your dogs meal times and promoting better digestion. The elevation of these bowls allows there to be reduced stress on your dogs neck, hips and shoulders, therefore encouraging a better posture whilst eating.