7 Advantages of using a Raised Dog Feeder

8th Jan 2019

Raised dog feeders look great and are a stylish way to dish up your dogs dinner but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to them. They are often associated with a number of health benefits not just relevant to larger breeds but smaller breeds too! Which is why they are highly recommended by vets. Here is a list of reasons you should invest in one if you haven't done so already.

  1. Raised feeding stations allow more comfortable meal times for dogs suffering from arthritis 

  2. Raised dog bowls encourage slower eating reducing the risk of bloating

  3. Elevated dog bowls promote better posture when eating by reducing stress on their neck, hips and shoulders

  4. Raised dog bowls will not move during meal times as they come with non slip feet

  5. Raised dog bowls promote better hygiene and cleanliness

  6. Raised feeders help tall dogs better digest their food as its easier for them to swallow when their head is upright

  7. Raised dog bowls promote easier feeding for owners as the amount you have to bend down to feed your dog is reduced