Pancakes your dog can eat

7th Feb 2018

Your dog no longer needs to have food envy on Pancake Day, and you no longer need to indulge alone! This Buckwheat dog pancakes recipe will leave your dog very happy on Shrove Tuesday. These pancakes are not only healthy but are also gluten free. They make the perfect bed for a scoop of Peamutt butter.

What you'll need:


200g Buckwheat Flour - (This flour has deliberately been used as its gluten free, making it suitable for dogs who may have wheat intolerances.)

200ml Milk - (You can use any milk but we recommend using Butter milk as it has less lactose than regular milk.)

2 Eggs

Vegetable oil for frying


Scoop of Peamutt Butter - (You can use normal peanut butter but we recommend checking that it is safe for dogs, peanut butter containing ingredients such as xylitol are very dangerous.)

Sliced apple or strawberries for garnish


Frying pan




Pour the flour into a bowl and set aside

Beat the 2 eggs together

Create a well in the centre of the flour to allow the buttermilk and beaten eggs to be poured into

Whisk the flour, buttermilk and beaten eggs together

Let the mixture sit for 20minutes

In a frying pan heat the vegetable oil

Once hot, pour some of the mixture into the pan. This should be enough to cover the bottom.

Cook the pancake on each side for roughly one minute or until golden

Add a scoop of peamutt butter and garnish with apple slices or strawberries.