Why do dogs love squeaky toys?

6th Feb 2019

A headache for dog owners but a lot of fun for dogs!

It is believed that dogs love squeaky toys due to their nature hunting instincts. The sound which comes from your dogs toy often mimics the sounds of scared or injured prey animals, and it's in your dogs basic instincts to react to these sounds. Playing with a squeaky toy can be particularly satisfying to a hungry dog for this reason.

Dogs often stop showing interest in their toys once the squeaker is damaged as they associate it with their prey being "dead".

As a dog owner, you will already be very familiar with rewards reinforcing certain behaviours in dogs. So if the first theory was too much to stomach, some also believe that the reason dogs enjoy playing with their squeaky toys is because of the sounds it produces when they bite down being seen as a reward.

Which one do you believe?

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Source: https://barkpost.com/dogs-love-loud-toys/